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Time flies and another summer is here. Entering the June but the temperature is still very cool and friendly - a lot of rain at night, clean the air and bring enough moisture. I am considering slowly go back to my normal work routine - a hard journey for a person sink into several months of laziness.

Summer is a season for dresses for me. Share a photo taken in flesh spandex zentai suit, plus a white sash dress. Does this look like a doll?

Flesh Color Spandex Zentai Suit
     Flesh Color Spandex Zentai Suit with Dress

I always feel a flesh color suit is a must for my zentai collection. Later I will get some silk suits, which should be great to worn with a skin-color underneath.

Back to Zentai World

Right after last December, it's already 5 months now. I have taken a long rest at hometown due to health issue, now finally back to normal life. I have gained some more weight, but feels more energetic right now. I do miss the zentai suits, the photos, and my friends on the internet. But spending time with the real stuffs, especially a lot of vegetables and plants, as well as fur animals - my aunt's black cat Mimi and brown one Kiki, is a lot of fun. I haven't stayed on the farm long after going to university, it's a good chance to feel the vivid life-being in the nature.

I also spent a lot of time on reading, mainly the detective stories. Maybe lack of imagination, the horrible scenes described by words don't really give me much impression, while I sink into the accurate analysis and logic.

So anyway, I am back, and in the following week, I will work on a black white spandex suit for a friend's cosplay. Because the image's sent in a hurry, I don't know yet where it's from. Do you know? The basic suit could be done by lycra, with the white area in the front by white lycra, round edges to trim the lines. And he will collect other stuffs required. I don't know how the final result of the cosplay be yet, but I would love the suit anyway, I bet.

If any one of you is familiar with this comic, please give me a hint :)

Happy Santa's Day!

Greetings, my dear friends. This is a sincere wish from your friend from zentai fashion, for your happy holiday. I hope this chance could give you a good rest after the long hard works, and enjoy the leisure time, soccers, in the winter.

I did wonder about, what content I should put at my Christmas card. Unlike other early birds, I just began thinking about it very recently. Because of this, I have checked again all my zentai photos, and wonder whether it would be ok to photoshop a santa wearing a zentai. But it should be really weird. Well, maybe next year I will have enough guts.

During the holiday, a few friends from local, are going to have a simple zentai meetup - we all know each other for a while, so wanna spend some time together, at KTV, singing and playing pokers. Well, it's not the type which some others do as a performance with the entry ticket required, to make money. Maybe we are just all curious about how another will look like at real life.

I am planning to wear this pink unicolor zentai suit, with a jacket outside. So long I could put down the hood easily, it should be fine. My friend will pick up me at door, then we would join them at the spot. We could choose to be suited up or note.

Black Silver Shiny Metallic Zentai Suit

Fashion is copied quickly nowadays! No matter for what, seems we could always see replicas. Considering my financial situation, I am not really against it. I see many people asking, whether it's good or not.

I can't really answer that question. For myself, I have some zentai suits, and cosplay stuffs, bought at shops without a real brand. Later I found out they actually still belong to certain brands, just not big enough.

For zentai suits, It's hard to see which the design is from. In my opinion, the design of them, lies on the smart usage of the cloth, either all in one color, or smart combo of different ones.

I ever thought about getting my own zentai costumes. Because the clothes at the stores are often too high, if material is very good, such as silk, is very expensive. Later I found out that getting good cloth directly, then tailored at the tailors. This should save about
half of the price, although still high, but the clothes become more worthwhile.

For the idea of getting a spandex tight tailored myself, but seems a kind of special tiny needles required to seam that. The plan gets paused.
Black Silver Shiny Metallic Skin Tight Costume
                      Black Silver Shiny Metallic Skin Tight Costume
Share a shiny metallic suit, great looking by the smart usage of two unicolor black/silver. My friend has bought a few suits for a local dance performance, and she ordered 4 with same color as the picture, while another one shifted - black part for silver and silver cloth for black. She already got the suits and very satisfied.
Is it snowing where you are right now?

Writer's Block: White air

No, at my hometown.

I haven't seen snow for a couple of years now. I only remembered two snow winter in my memory - call it a snow season, for the snow which lasts only 3-4 days. Yea, laugh at me :)

The first snow was in my childhood, and it was a great pleasure. I see all the familiar farms covered by white blanket, so excited that the whole morning our school didn't have classes. All the teachers and students outside in the playground, making snowman, and fight each other with snow balls.

The second was a couple of years ago: not really much actually. It snowed for two days, very little one, and one of the fellow from the same city took a video, added music and captions(poem actually), upload to the video site. Then a few hundreds from similar areas have posted comments, to praise how beautiful it is and how happy we were to see the snow. After a few hundreds post, there's a post from a snow area, saying something like: Why make a fuss over snow? Isn't it the most normal stuff for winter? People from your city doesn't have a broad eyesight. This turned the direction for the video completely, and what follows are users from different areas, arguing whether people from our city is open-minded, or which part is more narrow-minded.

Besides the topic, I want to share a Poison Ivy Cosplay, the girl from Batman comic. Here's the link to it: Zentai Lover's Blog

Is it snowing where you are right now?

Cold Rainy Day

Another cold rainy day in the winter. I went shopping with friends. She knows a store for sweaters - not the kind which give you all the ready sweaters to select from, but a store with top quality lines, and we could choose the style we wish from the magazine. Then they will tailor for us. I made a trial order, with a round neck dark blue one, which I could wear outside my velvet zentai suit, at home, without the jacket.

I love the soft touch of the good sweaters. Let's see how it would turn out.

Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays

Would it be silly to say Batman series?
What is your must-see holiday movie? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]

I have spent some time on ayus recently, a forum about zentai related discussions, and each member could have a profile page: display personal information, zentai suits album, etc. Members could also leave messages to others at the message board.

The forum is very active, considering zentai fashion is really a way-undergoing topic. However, I found it not very convenient, to get everyone together and do some instant talks. Then I searched for yahoo and google groups, and most are either ads, which end in only one member, or not purely about tights, but more on fetish stuff.

Maybe it's just my stubborn, to insist that my loved part is not really related with that. So thinking about whether I could change that, by getting a group somewhere?

Share a friend's dark blue zentai suit photo. He just got it, and the top seems a good fit. 
Dark Blue Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit

                       Dark Blue Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit

Maybe this is to tell me again that we are all not pro photographer. He seems love the suit, and that's good enough.

This is how the suit looks whole body:
Dark Blue Lycra Spandex Suit on Female
                 Dark Blue Lycra Spandex Suit on Female

One magic thing about dark blue spandex cloth is, at darker light, it could change color, looking closer to black color. This sounds fun.

Purple Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit

Today I went shopping for the vegetables in the market. I over-estimated my power so had to call my niece for help carrying the stuffs after getting off from the bus. There's a big market nearby, around 15 min by walk, but the road under costruction in between has cut off the way. Two friends in the group, who seem know each other before entering the communication, have sort of a disagreement, and one of them is calling another, looking for some response, in the group. I wish they could talk and get away with that soon.

As I really love purple color zentai suits, share a photo from friend, encased in the suit with an interesting cloak outside. This reminds me of the wizard from magic novels.
Purple Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
       Purple Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit

Christmas is coming. It's not the biggest holiday local, but still warmly welcomed by youth and merchants. They often decorate their shops with the trees, lights, and post out some great campaigns to increase the sales. Last year in one of the main streets, many people lined up, holding a big plastic stick, hit whoever walked through. They are making it a way to release the pressure :) I don't really prepare anything for that yet, staying at home encased in the purple velvet suit, and intimate touch with my couch after work, cold winter freeze me :) That's also why for a while I didn't really try any shiny metallic suits, as the shiny thing also reminds me of the weather, weird.

This weekend we got 4-5 degrees colder all in a sudden, and winter just showed us her real nature, without the warm mask or the sunshine anymore. Around this time, families usually spend some of the rest time, mainly for two things: get bacon food, or shop for room interior decorations stuff. It's the tradition here, with many special rituals involved, such a date a remorse for those who left us, clean house, cut red papers into flowers, words and animals then paste on the windows and doors.

So friends and me together, we have tried to get something using our own hands, with scissors and colorful papers. I am only doing the flowers and she's smart enough to turn out some little cute animals here. Although this blog is for me to write about zentai suits, but I am excited to share the photos of the final works.

Cute Animals and Flowers by Colorful Paper
                               Cute Animals and Flowers by Colorful Paper
Then I did a search online, then found out a lot of cool arts by this, there's even a camera folded all by dollars notes. Not to mention various animals, even human beings.

Purple Lady Sitting at a Chair

I think my final goal at this would be getting a lady in zentai suits, doing yoga poses. I will try with it next weekend, and see whether any luck.



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