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Cyan Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits for Avatar

Today my cousin visited me and we had some happy time together. It's always fun to play with the kids, as their happiness is so simple and pure, so do their desires :)

This reminds me that his birthday's coming, and I want to send him a set of Avatar knives as birthday gift. This idea was from his love for Avatar movie and these collections. Then I have checked today, and the knives are made of resin, so they are safe. However, I am still looking for a whole set at reasonable price. Seems their value has increased after the time in between. If I can't find a propriate one, then I will probably move on my next idea.

Today I want to share a cyan lycra spandex zentai suit. It's a uncolor suit by lycra, and sold at $26.99 only. Custom tailor's free. I love zentai suits, but I don't often send them as gifts to relatives and friends, unless I know quite sure they love it too, as I don't want to impose it on others. I think this is also a kind of respect.

This suit may not look so bright, but the color looks very soft and comfortable to the eyes. I could also custom tailor it or attaching stuffs on it, hehe. But most of all, I recommend this suit to my friend, because he wants to do Avatar. While I search for the resin knives, I have found this suit very suitable to do the Avatar suit. He will buy it then pain the lines on it, and do the face makeup. This way, it's much cheaper than buying the avatar zentai suits directly.

Cyan Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits
Cyan Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits